Utility Billing


With PayClix, you can present the utility bill to the customer, accept and process their

payment, and then update the customer’s account balance.

The ease of importing payments directly into our customer accounts in our water program has saved us a huge amount of time. PayClix not only saved us time but saved our company money. The technical support we have received has been outstanding. We are extremely happy with PayClix and believe you would be also. Just to let you know…our customers that use PayClix love the new online billing, so much easier! Customers save drive time, gas and postage to pay their bills. Saves customers from being locked, they can go online and immediately pay their bill. Our customers really enjoy being able to pay their bill online. This method of payment has greatly decreased the amount of customers who are late in making their payments. The people at PayClix have been wonderful to work with. It was great how easily their merchant processing for Credit cards and E-Checks integrated into both our Website and our current utility billing software. The System works smoothly, the customer support is good and our customers are loving it.



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Western Utility Services

Customers can pay:

  • online
  • in person
  • over the phone (IVR or live operator)
Customers can pay with:

  • electronic Checks (ACH)
  • credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)

The day of mailing a check and hoping it gets posted in time to avoid a late fee is fast coming to a close. Most consumers want to avoid late fees but at the same time, funds are tight and they want to wait to the very last minute before making a payment. PayClix enables your customers to pay their bills at any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The customer can view their utility bill online and make their payment with a couple of clicks. Or they can pay over the phone, or in person. The payment is then reported the same day to the utility company. PayClix transfers the payment transactions to your utility billing software so that the account balances will be automatically updated. No more keying of payments! PayClix makes e-invoicing and receiving payment Fast, Easy and Secure.

Click here to use your actual expenses to calculate your potential savings.


We charge a one time PayClix Setup and Software License Fee of $250.00 which includes integration with your utility billing software and customized web payment pages with your logo and company name. There are no other setup fees or charges, no annual renewal fee, no custom programming charges and NO contracts to sign.

We charge a Monthly Account charge of $24.95 for EACH MID (bank account) which includes unlimited free telephone and email product support, all credit card and ACH gateway fees and monthly merchant reports.

Convenience Fees:

IF Paid by the Customer:

ACH (eCheck) – $0.89 convenience fee.

No limit on transaction amount.

Credit Card: 3.0% of amount charged

+ $0.49

IF Paid by the Utility District:

ACH (eCheck) – $0.79 convenience fee.

No limit on transaction amount.

                                               Credit Card: Capped credit card fee of $0.75 + .1% processing charge

+ $0.69 convenience fee

For an explanation of why the convenience fees are different, click here.

Volume discounts are available. Ask your PayClix sales rep for details

There are NO other fees and NO contracts or minimum transaction charges.

Your customers can now use PayClix® to pay their utility bills
Frequently Asked Questions

How does PayClix work with my Utility Billing Software?

  • PayClix® has created a proprietary bridge module that can fully integrate with your utility billing software and will update your customer account records whenever a payment is processed using PayClix.
  • There are several ways your customer can use PayClix to pay their utility bill. If they have Internet access, your customer can go online, view their bill and instantly pay with a credit card or electronic check. Or they can use our interactive voice response payment system or they can phone our office, or drop in to your office and you can process their payment immediately using the PayClix Online Virtual Terminal. Either way, the customer receives an electronic receipt for their payment and you can mark ‘paid’ to their bill.
  • If a payment is made online, PayClix sends your administrator an email informing them that a payment has been received and is awaiting their approval. Your administrator signs into their PayClix dashboard, reviews the waiting payments and accepts them for processing. Just think, no more unauthorized partial or late payments!
  • Upon acceptance of a payment for processing, PayClix immediately initiates the transfer of the payment directly from your customer’s account to your bank account, subject to normal bank clearing procedures.
  • When the funds are released, an email is automatically sent to your administrator along with an electronic deposit slip showing all deposits made that day. Your utility billing software can then import these payments to update your customers’ account records. It’s that easy! No more manual keying of payments. With PayClix, there are reduced data entry errors and better staff utilization.

What utility billing software packages can PayClix integrate with?

PayClix is integrated with the following utility billing software solutions:

  • RVS Software ‘Mosaics’
  • Oak Bay Technologies ‘Water Solutions Professional’
  • Pelorus Software ‘DGS’
  • Black Mountain Software ‘Utility Billing’
    to name just a few…

Over the past years, we have also worked with other utility billing software developers to create custom interfaces between PayClix and their software.
Give us a call. We may already be linked to your software.

What methods of payment does PayClix accept?

PayClix can accept customer payments either online or in person or by phone using:

  • Electronic check (ACH)
  • Visa (Credit and Debit)
  • MasterCard (Credit and Debit)
  • Discover (Credit and Debit)

It is your option to pay our payment processing transaction fee OR have your customer pay it.

Why is there a difference between Customer-paid and Utility-paid transactions costs?

  • When the Customer pays our convenience fee, the usage rates are in the 10-20% range. But when the Utility pays the convenience fee, usage jumps to as high as 60%. Therefore our fees for Customer-paid and Utility-paid transactions vary to enable us to offer our services at the most equitable price.
  • As you can see from this link, Visa has literally dozens of rates that could be charged for processing a credit card transaction. The rate depends primarily upon the type of card presented and the nature of the transaction. MasterCard and Discover have similarly confusing rate categories, but you get the picture. This amount can be paid by either the Utility or the Customer.
  • This rate is referred to as the ‘interchange fee’ or more commonly ‘the discount’, and is calculated as a percentage of the transaction amount. Utility districts are usually incorporated as not-for-profit entities and are reluctant to or financially unable to pay standard credit card discount fees.
  • To enable consumers to pay their utility bills with credit cards, the major credit card companies have set a fixed amount that can be charged for a credit card payment rather than a percentage. However, the fixed fee only applies IF the Utility pays the convenience fee. If the Customer pays the convenience fee, then the payment is not eligible for the fixed fee and the conventional percentage discount fee applies.

Can I review customer payments BEFORE they are posted to our bank account to be sure they are correct?

    • Yes! We have patent-pending technology that enables you to review payments BEFORE they are posted to your bank account. This particularly useful so you can screen partial or late payments.

Of course, you can always turn this option off and all payments will be automatically processed and deposited.

How does PayClix integrate with my utility billing software?

After your customer makes a PayClix payment and the funds are cleared for deposit to your bank account, PayClix will email you:

  • A detailed electronic deposit slip showing all deposits made that day.
  • You can then use PayClix to import the payment transactions directly into your utility billing software with just a couple of clicks to update your customer account balances.

Each time you do a billing run, with a couple of clicks, you will export the bills to the secure PayClix website where your Customers can view and pay their utility bills.

What are ‘Best Practices’ for Integrating PayClix with our utility billing software?

  • When to import customer payments:
    You can import your customer payments as frequently as you choose, most will import daily. Early on as the payment traffic begins slowly, you may not have payments every day to import so you may import every few days or weekly at your discretion.
    You need to import all payments collected online as of the due date to keep from applying late fees to customers who have paid online.
    You also need to import payments prior to exporting the new billing information back to the PayClix site to show correct balances for the new billing.
  • When to export customer balances:
    You will need to export customer balances a minimum of twice per month.
    The first export should be done about the same time as the bills are being printed and mailed. We recommend you do this after you have printed the unread meters list and the bills to make sure you have all readings entered for the new billing.
    You also need to export the customer’s billing information after the due date has passed and the late fees have been added.
    This will update the information on the website to show the increased balances due to the late charge being added because of the lack of payments.

Do we need a website to be able to accept online payments?

  • No! If you have a website, you can easily add a link to PayClix so your customers can make their payments. Full information on adding a link to PayClix will be included in your ‘welcome’ letter.
  • If you don’t have a website, we’ll create and maintain a personalized webpage for your customers to make their payments. Here’s an example. We also offer a service to create and host your very own customized website. Ask your sales representative for further details.

Can you help us tell our customers about PayClix?

  • Absolutely! We offer several marketing and promotional flyers, post cards and announcements that you can use to announce the availability and benefits of PayClix that you can either print and mail along with your regular utility bill or email to your customers.

What other advantages are there to using your service?

  • Your customer can access their payment history and all their payment receipts online, at any time.
  • When a payment is made, we collect your customer’s email address and automatically update their customer record when the payment is posted. Over time, your customer file will be fully updated with your customers’ email contact information.
  • Customers with multiple accounts, say with the water district, the sewage agency and the waste hauler, can pay all of their bills at the same time if each agency subscribes to PayClix.
  • Payments can be made online, or using our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service or directly with one of our bi-lingual customer service representatives.

How secure is PayClix? And how do you protect my customer’s personal information?

  • PayClix is certified fully PCI/DSS compliant using the highest possible level of data security. That means we take your customer’s security
    and privacy very seriously. We do not retain ANY customer payment information on our servers.

Can we accept credit card payments in our office either ‘in person’ or by telephone?

  • Yes. PayClix has an ‘Online Virtual Terminal’ that enables you to accept and process payments from your customers even if they don’t have an Internet connection.

Do I need any additional software, hardware or special training to run PayClix?

  • You will need to purchase our proprietary interface module from your utility billing software. Contact us for pricing and details.
  • Once your merchant application has been processed and set-up, PayClix will send you a ‘Welcome’ letter with instructions how to download and install PayClix onto your office computer. A PayClix customer service representative will also contact you to arrange hands-on training for you and your staff.
  • PayClix uses the Internet to process payments from your customers. All software and data is resident on our secure server network. We take care of all software updates, data backup and transaction security. If you can receive emails at your office, you can use PayClix. It is that easy!

What do we have to do to signup for PayClix?

  • When you say you’re ready to go, we’ll send you a merchant application for you to complete and return to us.
  • We’ll process your application and create your PayClix account. This usually takes 3 or 4 business days.
  • Once your account is ready, we’ll email you a ‘Welcome’ letter on how you can make PayClix available to your customers on your website, along with several sample letters that you can either print and mail or email to your customers to let them know about this valuable new service you’re offering. We’ll also schedule your training to ensure you are comfortable with using PayClix.

How does my customer signup to use PayClix?

We make it easy for your customer to use PayClix

  • To signup, they can go to either our website www.PayClix.com, or to your website and enter their account number and other identifying account information. That’s it. They’re now registered.
  • When you do a billing run and upload it to PayClix, it automatically sends your Customer an email informing them that there’s a new utility bill to pay. All they do, is click the link on the email and they’re automatically enrolled in PayClix and they then can view their open invoices.
  • When one of your customers registers on the PayClix site to submit a bill payment, we automatically update their contact information in your records so that you have their most current contact information.

Why should we offer an online payment option to our customers?

  • Frankly, when your customers use PayClix, you’ll save money. A lot of money. With PayClix you can realize a significant reduction in administrative and accounting costs. Instead of the traditional process of mailing utility bills and receiving paper checks, you can now send bills and receive payments electronically using the Internet. Every PayClix payment you receive, saves you money.
  • PayClix, in conjunction with your utility billing software can offer your customers a unique payment processing service. The ability to pay utility bills by phone or online is a customer care option busy people appreciate. Your customers will thank you for thinking of them, when they are confined by weather or illness, when they have forgotten a payment and they are on vacation, or when life is just hectic. Customers appreciate being given options that are convenient, easy and secure.
  • PayClix also provides your utility district with one more tool for collecting on delinquent accounts. If you have your customer on the phone, you can take a payment immediately, while you are talking. No more hoping they will put the check in the mail after you hang up.
  • PayClix is a positive step you can take to improve your cash flow and reduce delinquent accounts.
  • PayClix will also automatically send a reminder notice to your Customer 2 days prior to their payment due date. That should reduce late payments and shut-offs and improve your cash flow!

What is the recommended process for billing and receiving payments using PayClix?

  • PayClix offers a interactive pay-by-phone service. This allows your customers to call in their payments even when they can’t get online. NOTE: Our IVR service REQUIRES a numeric account number.
  • The key to getting the most from PayClix is timing. The more closely that you integrate PayClix into your office procedures, the greater its value and time savings.
    We recommend the following process:

    • Always keep your Receivables up-to-date! We assume you’ve been downloading your PayClix payments throughout your billing cycle to match cash receipts and payments posted. If you haven’t been downloading on a regular schedule, you should be. We suggest that you get in the habit of downloading and posting your PayClix payments on a daily basis.
    • First, prepare your customer billings in your normal manner. Its important that your customer balances are accurate.
    • Then, do a PayClix payment download and merge the payments with your software to ensure that you’ve recognized all possible online payments.
    • Finally, do your upload of your outstanding bills so that when your customers see their billing in its most current and up-to-date account status.

What does a PayClix invoice look like?

To view a sample invoice,click this image RVS Sample Invoice Small

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