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PayClix has an integrated electronic bill presentment and payment system for trucking companies and delivery services. This service can also be partnered with our partnership company, Mobius Logistics and their products MobiusTrip, MobiusPOD, and Mobius Trac for an fully automated solution that will provide your business with door to door to door efficiency and maximum control over your entire business. We are the complete solution for transactional logistics in the global world.



    • Perform automated electronics bill presentment via outbound email using upLink.

    • Seamlessly link email presentments to online statements and open invoices.

The online statement allows customers to :

– View and print open invoices

– Pay any invoice in full or in part

– See their payment history

– Access a personalized “contact us” form

– Change their contact information

– Opt out of the email invoice notifications

– Get an electronic payment receipt

– Store payment details for future

  • Publish dynamic, customized online statements for each customer.

  • Offer integrated, secure electronic payment via ACH/EFT or debit or credit card.

  • Link invoices to supporting documents

  • Receive automated next day funded deposits for all payments made on a given day.

  • Automatically print a invoice or statement for mailing via USPS first class mail

  • Archive invoices and allow customers to access their payment history for 2 years.

  • Automatically post payments to and update accounts receivable ledgers.

  • Automatically update customer records


  • Businesses can add a service fee to the online payment and/or opt to accept full or partial payments.

  • Service fee includes ACH payment and merchant account.

  • Businesses can elect to accept payments by ACH only, by debit or credit card or both based on the demands of your business.

  • The solution, includes accessible URL’s which can be fully re-branded in support of a clients business, and the client can set the fee schedule to help cover costs of the service or processing of transactions.

  • Turn-key customer application and activation process makes adoption by software users fast and easy.

  • PayClix also supports pre-authorized payments, either by a fixed amount or by an authorized supplier.