• A valuable additional service to your customers that you can promote in your marketing
  • A state of the art, paperless , secure payment solution
  • Eliminate risky cashier’s checks and costly wire charges
  • Substantial staff and accounting cost savings
  • Enhanced escrow account reconciliation
  • Same day secure payments to suppliers and contractors such as real estate agents, pest control inspectors, surveyors, etc
  • Detailed email notification of all deposits
  • Virtually eliminates NSFs and chargebacks



  • Make secure escrow deposits directly from the comfort of their home or office using their computer, tablet, smartphone via your website using eCheck (EFT/ACH) or Debit Cards.
  • Have same day notification and next day secure funds transfers
  • Have a free service instead of costly and inconvenient bank wires or cashier’s check
  • 24/7/365 Internet payment processing
  • Personal Payment dashboard: 24/7 access to their detailed payment history, they can view current and prior transactions at any time.
  • Email notification of all payments sent and received
  • Time and date stamped electronic receipt