Property Management


The Internet has changed the way tenants pay their rent. Making online payments is no longer unusual. What used to be the exception is now common place! With PayClix, any property manager can now take online payments on their website.


  • Unlike a generic payment mechanism such as Paypal, PayClix can be seamlessly integrated into an entire business process.

  • ‘Accept/Reject’® patent-pending technology: The property manager has the ability to accept or reject® any payment.

  • PayClix acts as agent of payer therefore no agency relationship with payee which reduces legal liability.

  • Proprietary visual screen design script – incredibly flexible for formatting payment screen and info collected

  • Can be fully integrated with Accounts Receivable ‘open items’ and Cash Receipts systems

  • Currently accept and process $US and $CDN – € and £ can be supported with minimal effort

  • Mobile interface (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android)

  • PayClix accepts payments 24/7/365 – we never sleep.

  • PayClix accepts all types of property management transactions – rents, deposits, application fees, late fees, parking charges, pet fees, miscellaneous fees and recurring monthly charges.

  • All tenant and property manager information is treated with the highest possible level of data encryption and security.

Click this link for a comparison of PayClix with other payment processing software.


Taking online payments is simple – just add a link to PayClix.

howpc works

  • Property managers can access their administration dashboard to view prior bank activity.

  • Each night, we email an electronic deposit slip of payments received and processed that day.

  • Payment can be pre-scheduled with Autopay. And you receive an email that confirms payment has been received, when your payment is accepted by the recipient. PayClix reduces the chance of identity theft or check fraud associated with traditional paper transactions. With PayClix you know when your bills is paid and who received the money.

  • Tenants can print their time and dated stamped online payment receipt immediately and will also automatically receive a copy by email

  • Tenants can access to their online payment history which is a benefit to them and encourages the use of PayClix. 

  • Your tenants can pay online or over the phone using our ‘Virtual Terminal’, at no cost to your business.