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If your business creates invoices then put PayClix to work for you. PayClix is the fast, safe, and secure way to invoice clients and receive electronic payments.

Bringing the advantages of online payments to businesses EVERYWHERE !



PayClix is a web payment system for small businesses who want to accept online payments on their website and have the receipts deposited directly into their bank accounts.


  • It is perfect for businesses or organizations where an existing customer record has not been setup.
  • It is also ideal for business accounting systems where it is impractical to extract the customer account record and outstanding invoices or the volume of payment transactions does not warrant expensive and time-consuming alterations to an existing accounting application.
  • It can export the payment transactions to many accounting packages.
  • It can also create a spreadsheet of daily payments that can be manually keyed as posted receipts.


  • Reduces aggregate billing and collection expenses to a of its current cost.
  • Accelerates the payment timeline thereby increases cash flow.
  • Provides customers with instant 24/7 access to open invoices, documentation, account detail and payment history.
  • Makes bill payment easy and effortless for the customer.
  • Adds a high degree of security since employees do not have access to customer confidential payment information.
  • Enables business of any size to offer an elegant, alternative, electronic billing and payment process.


  • Upload accounts receivable invoices for payment.
  • Download on-line payments and update account balances.


PayClix upLink Features

PayClix upLink is specifically designed to add electronic billing, web delivered statements and online bill payment capabilities to almost any business application or accounting software which contains an accounts receivable ledger.