The most simplified way to explain this technology is to say that

PayClix is a payment engine that can be customized for any business or organization…

However PayClix is so much more than a payment engine.

And is therefore superior to other payment engines, for numerous reasons.

Yes,PayClix allows organizations to collect payments from customers online,

and instead of paying the merchant fees for the payment,

PayClix allows the merchant the option to pass this entire fee to the customer,

pay the fee, or split the fee.

Invoices can be sent to customers electronically and

they can pay using the variety of PayClix’s payment options and

therefore choose what fees they pay.

And Yes, businesses can also use PayClix to pay their suppliers electronically,

eliminating the cost and manual effort associated with preparing and sending checks.

But PayClix can connect the merchant, their customers,and their suppliers,

automatically updating accounts payable and receivable ledgers.

PayClix provides the final link in the entire automation of your business model.

And PayClix does this better than other payment processing engines because

we never actually hold the funds from

either the merchant, customer or the supplier.

And we never store, save, share, sell, or trade any account or private information

of either the merchant, customer or supplier. 

And we have more than a decade of a perfect track record

of every payment reaching its destination safely, securely and on time.

If you do not see an industry solution on our list already, talk to us.

We often build and deploy customized solutions within days or weeks to help any business

capitalize on the power of PayClix for their business.