Associations FAQs

Why should the donor pay a fee? There’s never been a charge before for making a payment.

Actually, the donor has always paid the cost of making a payment. Stamps, mailing supplies, bank charges or gasoline used to drop off a payment have always been the responsibility of the donor. With PayClix, these costs are replaced by a single fee for the convenience of making an online payment. And, your donors will get a time-stamped receipt and payment history record that proves when their payment was made.

If a donor doesn’t want to pay the transaction fee, they can always make their payment in the conventional paper-based manner. With transaction fees becoming common in almost all forms of commerce, you’ll be surprised how readily your donors will adopt this additional payment option.

What types of payments does PayClix accept?

Please refer to our FAQ’s page.

Our typical donor travels a lot and dropping their donations or tuition payments into our office is difficult. Does PayClix support automatic recurring payments?

Yes! The donor can set this up in the PayClix online site or they can call PayClix customer support and who will assist them in setting up their payment using the PayClix Virtual Terminal.  Pre-authorized payments also receive a free notification by email or text message of the upcoming payment.

We have a lot of donors. Can you help us notify our donors of this service?

Yes! We offer a free ‘pre-registration service’. All we need is a simple excel spreadsheet with the donor’s name and email address. We will enroll them in PayClix and then send them an email with the information they’ll need to access PayClix and make their online payments.

How much is the donor charged for the transaction?

Payment using an electronic check (eCheck) is charged a fixed amount, irrespective of the dollar amount processed.
Credit card payments are typically charged a transaction fee based on a percentage of the gross amount of the payment plus an additional fixed amount service charge.
Our transaction fees are based upon potential transaction volumes, the average payment amount and industry practice.

Your PayClix sales representative will be pleased to give you a precise quote for the transaction fees that could be charged to your donors.

Why would my donors use PayClix? What’s in it for them?

The ability to make a payment electronically gives your donors more control over the transaction. The donor can control the timing of a payment, and be assured that payment has been received. The donor receives an electronic receipt which provides them with a positive confirmation that their payment has been made.

Can we offer to pay your service fee as a benefit to our donors?

The eCheck service fee, or the credit card transaction charge can be paid in part or in whole by your organization. The decision to charge more than the set fee, or the decision for the donor to pay all, some, or none of the fee can be modified at any time and is totally under your control.

How long does it take for the online payment to reach our bank account?

Normally, eChecks and credit card transactions are funded in 2 business days.

Can PayClix help tell my clients about the benefits of online payments?

Absolutely! We offer several marketing and promotional flyers, post cards and announcements that you can use to publicize the availability and benefits of online payments. You can either print and mail these marketing items along with your regular newsletter, or email them to your clients or when your client first comes to your office to open an escrow account, take the opportunity to tell them about your PayClix online payment service.