Accept or Reject®

Why Does Accept or Reject® save you so much money?

Did you know that in the State of Arizona, accepting a partial payment from a tenant may constitute a waiver of the right to terminate the rental agreement for that breach?

In Georgia, if the landlord has accepted partial payments in the past, he cannot refuse partial payments without first giving notice that he will in future only accept full payments. In addition, a grace period may be created by the landlord’s conduct of accepting late rent over the course of several months without charging a penalty.

In the States of Florida and Tennessee under their respective landlord tenant laws, if a property manager accepts a partial payment from a tenant who is behind on rent and has an eviction order outstanding, then the eviction process is cancelled and must be restarted with appropriate new notices given.

These are just four of the States in the country, and there are numerous other states that have similar legislation that protects problematic tenants. Here’s how Accept or Reject helps protect you:

PayClix’ Accept or Reject® patent-pending technology offers complete control over incoming payments. So many businesses, such as property management or utility providers, are at risk to partial payments, incomplete payments or late payments because of State Laws that vary across the country.

Instead of having payments just land unannounced in your bank account (like other payment processors out there), we actually notify you about the incoming payment before it is processed. This means that you can review the payer’s information and make sure it is something you actually want to receive. If you’ll accept the payment, click ‘Accept’ and the payment will process normally. If not, click ‘Reject’ and the payment will be cancelled and the payer notified (with an option to specify your reason).

No longer will you automatically accept late or incorrect payment amounts! You will have complete control over incoming payments thus reducing administrative, legal and ancillary costs for your business. PayClix knows the importance of payments to your business, so Accept or Reject® gives you control over your business, where it belongs! And the Accept or Reject® option is available at no additional cost.


We can also customize ‘Accept or Reject’ to your particular business needs. Just contact us for further information.