What is PayClix?

PayClix is the next generation of payment processing enabling a merchant to offer a total integrated online payment solution to their Clients. PayClix also allows companies or organizations to pay suppliers / vendors electronically. PayClix can be integrated with any accounting systems to eliminate manual effort.

PayClix is proud to be able to say that in all their years of payment processing, they have never lost a payment transaction. By putting merchants in control of their payments, we allow you to have payment processing your way.

Do I need any additional software, hardware or special training to run PayClix?

NO! PayClix uses the Internet to process payments. All software and data reside in the secure PayClix server network. We take care of all software updates, data backup and transaction security.

If you can receive email, you can use PayClix!

Why is using PayClix is different from traditional wire transfers?

A conventional wire transfer typically results in the same day movement of funds between bank accounts using the inter-bank payment network. For this service, you pay a premium since each transfer requires manual processing. PayClix uses secure ACH electronic bank transfers for moving funds between bank accounts.

For outbound disbursements, there is virtually no timing difference and PayClix costs less. Transactions submitted by noon Arizona time are submitted to the Federal Reserve for clearing within an hour and will be posted to the receiving bank’s Federal Reserve account that same day.

For Escrow and Title companies, visit our specific FAQs here.

How is PayClix better than other payment options?

Many payment services deal with payments and your bank account but do not fully integrate into your accounting system. PayClix integrates with virtually any accounting system –automatically updating your bookkeeping entries, at your request, reducing manual effort on your part.

PayClix offers the safest and most secure gateway along with safeguards such as our Accept or Reject® options. PayClix provides the fastest turn around possible from payment collection to deposit into your account.

PayClix accepts several payment options, including: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and eChecks/ACH.

How secure is PayClix and how does it protect personal information?

PayClix is certified fully PCI/DSS compliant using the highest possible level of data security. That means we take your privacy and security very seriously. We do not retain ANY client payment information on our servers and all transactions are securely encrypted. In addition, neither party to the transaction has access to the account information of the other, so you are assured of information and banking privacy.

What are some other advantages to using Payclix ?

Clients can access their payment history and any of their PayClix payment receipts online, at any time. Clients can click a link on your website and make a deposit. They can also store their preferred payment method information for future ‘1 click’ payments.

Vendors and Suppliers can similarly track payments made to them and reconcile those with their own accounting systems.

How do I sign-up to use PayClix?

When you’re ready to go, you can complete the online application by clicking here. We will process your application and create your PayClix account. This usually takes 3 or 4 business days.

Once your account is ready PayClix will email you a ‘Welcome‘ letter with full information on how you can make PayClix available to your clients on your website, along with several sample letters that you can either print and mail or email to your clients to let them know about this valuable new service you are offering.

Do I need to change my current procedures ? Is there extra work in using PayClix?

NO! You will keep your existing process and operating bank accounts. Nothing changes. PayClix merely becomes the mechanism for moving the money between your accounts and those of your clients.

NO! To the contrary, there is less work as your processes are streamlined. Your bookkeeper/ accountant will find they save time using PayClix since they will have less paperwork when sending and receiving payments.

One thing you will have to do is to notify your bank that you will be sending and receiving ACH payments through your account. The bank needs to know this, in order to enable these features in your account profile. PayClix will ask them to confirm that your accounts are ACH-enabled before we start processing.

The other thing you should do is to put a link to the PayClix payment page on your website, so that your clients can make their deposits easily. The ‘Welcome to Payclix‘ introduction letter will include the necessary information for your webmaster to insert a link to your PayClix payments page on your business website.

PayClix is great for merchants and it’s great for their customers. How will PayClix help tell my clients about the benefits of online payments?

We offer a variety marketing and promotional flyers, post cards and announcements that you can use to publicize the availability and benefits of online payments. You can either print and mail these marketing items along with your regular newsletter, add them to your website, or email/tweet them to your clients. If your client first comes to your office, take the opportunity to inform them about your PayClix online payment service. This material can be customized.

What is the PayClix Accept or Reject® option?

Your company has the option, at no extra cost, to place an alert on every single transaction being made into or out of your account. This option gives you the final control to send or receive payments in the right amount, from the right person or the correct account, project or property.

What type of payment mechanism does PayClix accept?

payment method

Why am I being charged a credit card rate for using my debit card?

A debit card will be charged as if it were a credit card rate when the card is not classified as a federally regulated debit card. A debit card is a federally regulated debit card when the banking institution and it’s affiliates have at least ten (10) billion dollars in assets. Banks such as Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo have federally regulated debit cards, and these cards will be charged as debit cards. Your card may display the word ‘Debit’ and still not qualify as a debit card for on-line payments. This is because the bank, credit union or other institution that issued your card does not meet the Federal Reserve Standards. These standards apply to all card processors equally.

If you would like to see if your bank card qualifies for debit card rates, you can take a look at the following lists from the U.S. Federal Reserve

Banking Institutions that qualify

Banking Institutions do not qualify