About PayClix


PayClix: the easiest way to invoice, collect and send payments online.

Save money! Save time!

PayClix allows businesses of any size to accept online payments or pay suppliers electronically.

Anywhere! Anytime!

It’s payment processing your way!

Businesses can receive payments via Credit Card, Debit Card or eCheck/ACH*. Business can also pay suppliers, vendors, contractors or employees electronically with the click of mouse. In addition, using PayClix’s proprietary solutions, these payments can be integrated directly into ANY accounting system – streamlining business processes and reducing manual efforts significantly. Therefore saving you time and money!

PayClix is the 21st century solution to an age old problem of business ownership – the art of getting paid promptly for goods and services in a way that balances good business with goodwill.  With over a decade of experience and a proven track record PayClix can provide your business the fastest, safest, and most secure solution for even the simplest of transactions.

PayClix can also provide the fastest, safest and most secure way to move money between you, and your customers, when the transactions are detailed and complex, require a billing statement, multiple types of payment options or payees, recurring payments or partial payments, late payment, deposits, etc. PayClix has been designed to be, not only easy and faster for your business, but faster, and simpler for your customers than printed checks, envelopes and traditional mail services. And all this for big savings for both your business and your customer.

PayClix also provides automatic entries, at your option, directly into your preferred accounting and bookkeeping software. That’s right, PayClix can immediately update your bookkeeping accounts, providing you with real time data, as well as providing your customers/clients with a time and date stamped printable receipt.

PayClix is a solution designed by business people, not just programmers, with the business professional in mind. PayClix recognizes the real need to use technology to, first, eliminate the obstacles of time and distance between merchant and client created by our global economy, and secondly, PayClix provides the first truly functional environmentally proactive service that both the customer and the merchant want from technology, and is a far better service than our paper-dependent  predecessors.

PayClix was designed by a CPA/C.A. and an attorney who were acutely aware of the cost to so many merchants of the traditional 30, 60 or even 90 day gap between the provision of the service or product, and the payment for such services. PayClix eliminates the need to wait for a system of accounting and billing that was designed and perpetuated by more than 2 centuries  of the month-end routines of traditional bookkeeping habits combined with the slower pace of the post office. Furthermore, the cost of printing invoices, manually keying of bookkeeping entries, preparing invoices and payments with stamps, envelopes, and paper is entirely eliminated by using PayClix. PayClix gives you what you want, excellent savings in time and money, increased productivity, and is much simpler than the old way of doing things.

PayClix has an unequaled position in payment processing in that we never store, sell, or trade our clients’ personal or business information. PayClix never holds the money in its account, but moves funds seamlessly between the customer’s and the merchant’s account. PayClix meets all PCI compliance standards and these are the same as the U.S. military standard of 256-bit encryption. Your business account banking information is never exposed to anyone during the entire PayClix transaction. Your clients’ banking, credit or debit card information is never exposed to anyone to enable PayClix to facilitate any transaction either. PayClix also allows you to pay your suppliers, and all this checking, credit and debit information is likewise, always protected.

PayClix serves a model of Transactional Logistics business, helping businesses collect Accounts Receivable and pay suppliers and vendors through our Accounts Payable payment solutions with the highest standards for security, speed and ease of movement of data and payments. PayClix is the final link in the complete automation of business practices, completing the circle of totally automating your business practices and using the power of the internet to improve your business.

* An ACH transaction is an eCheck. This type of payment has exactly the same function as using a paper check . The only difference is that the bank account number and the transit number, which is the location of the bank account, is keyed into the transaction page, just the same as the credit card or debit card number would be. Both the bank account number and the transit number are easy to access. Both are located on the paper check as well as on the customers electronic or paper bank statement. All this sensitive information is encrypted by PayClix before it is transmitted. This information is never stored by PayClix.


The PayClix Mission

  • The promotion of friction-less interaction between merchant and customer
  • Reducing the global distance between the transaction partners and accelerating the timing of payments.
  • Make online payments easier, faster and more secure than ever before.
  • Providing seamless business integration for online payments and accounting integration.
  • * Reduce the financial impact of getting paid for goods and services in real dollars and in time.